Custom Hardwood Flooring Installation

Bring the Beauty of Hardwood to Your Home

Hardwood flooring is safe, clean, and looks beautiful in any home. Scroll through this page to learn more about our process of installing and refinishing this popular flooring option.

Patterns And Options

Hardwood floors are not one size fits all! You can choose your species, grade, and pattern to perfectly match your home’s aesthetic. Species of wood include maple and oak while grading choices range from low (many streaks, knots, and wormholes) to high. There are also several different pattern options available for hardwood flooring including herringbone, mosaic, strips, and chevron.

Our experts will help you choose the perfect pattern for your home.

Installation Process

Learn more about our team’s installation process from prep to follow-up!


Before instillation can begin, the wood must be acclimated to the environment it will be installed in. This helps with seasonal gapping and makes it less likely that the wood will move after it has been sanded flat.


Once the flooring material has reached equilibrium in the environment, the flooring will be installed. This can take up to a week. The process for installation of hardwood flooring is relatively the same if it is a prefinished or unfinished hardwood floor.


The sand and finish process for projects under 1200 sq ft. generally takes a week to complete. The client chooses a stain from the choices we show them in their home, allowing the true color to be represented. Our finish process uses state-of-the-art equipment to limit dust and preserve air quality.

Follow up

Our team will stay in contact with you after your floors are finished to ensure you are happy with the end product!

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to take the next step toward beautiful, durable floors, reach out for a free estimate of your project.

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